About Deft

Deft Materials is all about, you guessed it, the materials. 

Patterns, glitter, pets and faces, and of course promoting a special kind of lifestyle. This is a summary of all the other phone cases on the market, is there anything we haven't seen before? 

The founders of Deft Materials got tired of searching for a top of the line phone case without any logos or having to order from a sketchy website and decided to take matters into their own hands. 

Therefore there's no cool logo visible on the product nor a well known designer behind the development. Instead, Deft Materials produced a discreet phone case adapting to your way of life whoever is using it. Whether you're at the beach, the office or skiing in the alps, this case is here to keep your phone safe from any extreme conditions while you make memories.

Instead of focusing on building an excessive brand and the products that come with it, we focus on you. Making it durable with a minimalistic and seamless design, highlighting your own style.

The Flexofit™ material used while developing our case Deft One is a durable and toxic free coated silicone base material, rigorously tested to tackle any extreme conditions. Flexofit also provides you with a steady grip to minimize the chances of you dropping your phone (we´ve all been there), while the soft coating inside called Durafur keeps your phone safe from the hazards you can't influence e.g. heat or cold. 

By now you should already be on your way ordering phone cases from our website, but if you´re (God forbid) still unsure about one of the greatest decisions of your life. Here´s a sum up:

Order a case from our site and you'll get your hands on a vegan friendly case tested for any extreme conditions adapting to your own style, at a great price!

Thank you for choosing Deft Materials!